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Architects & Designers

Meet suppliers, see products and network in person or online

All our exceptional industry events are complimentary for design professionals and packed with value. Along with The-Arc Exhibitions, we host product launches, CPD days, showroom tours and virtual showcases.

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Crafted for architects and designers, delivered by experts

Our diverse events range from large-scale productions to intimate gatherings – each one designed with your needs in mind.

Socialise in a design-rich setting and see our curated showcase of the latest products and brands

The-Arc Networking Exhibitions

Join your industry peers for a memorable evening in your local city’s landmark venues. Our boutique showcase of architectural, interior and landscape products is always accompanied by great music, food and drink.  


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Simple, complimentary and recognised ways to earn formal CPD points and boost your professional education

CPD Days

Our popular CPD Days offer back-to-back Continuing Professional Development presentations which meet National Standard of Competency guidelines.

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Get a rare insider’s tour of showrooms, factories, completed projects and more


Our champagne tours offer hands-on education and on-site demonstrations by those who know their products best. The ultimate way to familiarise yourself with products before you specify.
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Attend online product exhibitions from wherever you happen to be

On-Arc Virtual

Visit virtual exhibitor booths and engage in interactive peer discussions and presentations. Learn about new products and brands, and connect with industry peers from all over the country and beyond.

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Be the first to learn about new products as they are released


When you join our community, you’ll be invited to a wide range of launch events so you can source the latest products from many exceptional major and niche brands.
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Industry events like no other, delivering proven results

From our innovative exhibition format to our formal CPD days, all events by The Arc Agency have been fine-tuned by decades of expertise.

Targeted attendance

Only industry professionals are invited to our events so you’re always in the company of peers and industry leaders.


Design-led attention to detail

Whether it’s fine catering, venues or set design, each detail is carefully chosen to enhance your experience.


Go home with real contacts

Make valuable connections that can lead to real specifications for your projects.

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Thousands of leading architects
and designers attend our events each year

Read about why The-Arc Agency events are Australia’s most highly attended industry events.

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Ready for an engaging way to find tailored products and brands for your projects?

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