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What architects & designers say about our services 

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Conrad Gargett

I have been a regular participant in The Arc Agency's events, particularly the product update meetings and CPD days. I can’t imagine how I would stay across the vast range of products and materials that as architects we deal with routinely without this forum. I highly recommend it.

Mark Clements
Pre-Contracts Manager

Open Architecture Studio

Our team has worked with The Arc Agency for many years, and they have always been super helpful and informative! Thank goodness they’re around!

Michael Bailey
Founding Director 


The Arc Agency offers great services, they are very professional and organised, I always attend their product update meetings, CPD days, and group presentations.

Feby Saadalla

North Shore Constructions

It has been great to participate in the many events The Arc Agency has organised over the years, the venues and hosting have been superb, making it a wonderful place to learn, and meet other peers in the industry. Also, the CPDs selection and offer has always been current and relevant. Keep up the good work!

David Valencia
Architectural Lead

One Design Office (ODO)

As architects, we are only as good of designers as the products that we know. Our journey with The Arc Agency has been one where The Arc  is able to continuously inform us of the latest material and product developments, equipping us with the right tools to help our clients during the design process.

Samson Tiew
Founding Director

Shiro Architects

Over many years, we have enjoyed The Arc Agency’s services including CPD days, The-Arc networking events, and group presentations.
The best thing is that Elsie does not just introduce suppliers but also follows up on the issues if raised. Great help.

Hiromi Lauren

Jackson Teece

It’s been great to see how The Arc Agency is helping architects and designers to provide a wide range of products and knowledge in the industry. It was exciting to see their event happening again face to face and was lovely to see their team!

Jun Sakaguchi
Studio Director

OHA Design Workshop

In our busy architectural practice, we often depend on a reliable support system to take the creative journey. The Arc Agency has been a lifeline for our design team. Friendly services including product updates and networking events helped us to grow with humility. From the very core, we wish The Arc Agency every success.

Omar Ahmed 

Aqua Architects

I have been collaborating with Elsie and the Arc Agency team for the last 5 years and they have provided outstanding service during all this time. With the long hours dedicated to managing a business, one can find it difficult to find dedicated time to keep up to date with all the products on offer and networking. The Arc Agency takes the leg work out of this and ensures that our quarterly catch-ups suit my schedule and always manages to keep the presentations short, informative, and relevant to my work. I’ve had the pleasure of attending several networking events and have always been impressed by the standard of those attending and presenting always walking away with an increased appreciation for the industry and those in my professional network.

Marco Spanu

Ross Perrett Architects 

For a small busy architectural practice such as ours at Ross Perrett Architects Melbourne, The Arc Agency advisory services have been a valuable resource to us, particularly the online product update meetings and CPD days are very useful. The networking events also provide an opportunity to catch up in person with both company representatives and industry friends and are often the only time we see them throughout the year.

Bernie Hogan

Diverse Design Group

The Arc Agency is a great example of how the industry can work for everyone associated with it. Their networking events, CPD days, and product group presentations generate great excitement, are very well structured, and a key to keeping in tune with the ever-evolving design environment.

Santo Talarico


PBD Architects

I have personally known Elsie for many years and have always been impressed with the team’s professionalism in coordinating tailored events which respond to current industry trends. The ARC Agency has set the benchmark in connecting Architects with new products whilst providing options for continuing professional development in a fun and dynamic manner.

Paul Buljevic

Plus Architecture 

The Arc Agency has been the go-to for CPD and product presentations. They are constantly up to date with the latest products and information, and their customer service is on point. Their team is always prompt, friendly, and reliable and we are continually impressed by how organised and knowledgeable the presenters are. Highly recommend.

Yvette Cooper
Operations Manager


I have always been impressed with the quality of CPD presentations, the venues, and the way that the Arc Agency has run and facilitated the CPD days. You have provided not just a platform for engaging with current topics in the construction industry, but a place for networking and connection. I look forward to your event this year.

Damien Jones
Senior Architect

Fuse Architects 

ARC is great for helping to keep us abreast of what is current in the market and connect with suppliers and our industry experts. Their CPD and networking events are an invaluable resource and a fun way for connecting us with changes to legislation and the latest in product innovations.

Rachid Andary

Team 2 Architects

Arc Agency consistently delivers exceptional product events and information sessions. As well as make organising office CPD sessions effortless.

Andrew Inwood
Project Leader

Y2 Architects 

The Arc Agency has always been a great resource in my career. I appreciate all the events the Arc Agency runs, especially the CPD ones as they often give me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the products I specify.

Lianna Mclean


I have relied on The Arc Agency services and events for many years. The CPD days are fantastic and there is always a great variety of topics you can choose between. When it comes to specifying through them – the one-on-one service you receive is amazing and makes our lives as designers so much easier. I recommend them to anyone, and they are always my first port of call.

Amie Edser
Senior Associate

TKD Architects 

Over the years, I have attended many of  The Arc Agency’s CPD Days that had kept me up to date with new product development. These are always informative, fun, and efficiently organised. I also know that if I need urgent product support, their agents are always happy to help with suggestions or put me onto relevant product suppliers.

Asta Chow
Associate Director


We have been satisfied with your service and assistance with the CPD courses you have delivered here at COX. The CPD courses offered came with a broad range of useful topics which are beneficial to our professional learning & development. We are looking forward to having your service again.
Gate Boonklurb


In our 20-odd years, our company has had a long relationship with ARC Agency. Many times, we have seen the benefit of ARC Agency’s service, through our engagement in CPD days, in-house group presentations, and online, hosted by ARC Agency. The collaboration and organisation that ARC Agency takes on make it much easier and more efficient for us to participate.

Marco Giaroli & Ben Gepp


The Arc Agency has provided exceptional assistance to me and our company in getting in touch with innovative products and services, as well as networking within our industry and obtaining continuous professional development. Our team has enjoyed events and presentations by The Arc's team.

Dejan Simovic

Cottee Parker Architects

I have known Arc Agency for many years now and have often found their CPD presentations to be extremely informative and helpful. Also, their product & material sessions have been an eye-opener to the new and innovative developments within the industry, and the improvements in materials and product technology.

Marty Barnes
Hall Monitor

AG Architects 

AG Architects has worked with The Arc Agency for several years now, specifically in relation to CPDs, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to other firms wanting to undertake continual professional development. We would also like to greatly thank Nicole Carroll, who is always a pleasure to liaise with, for her utmost professionalism and organisation skills. All-in-all, we are glad to be in partnership with The Arc Agency and look forward to what else they bring to the table in 2022 and beyond.

Rhiannon Ward


Thank you, Arc Agency for your continued support of our industry. The regular opportunities for our team to join and learn through continued professional development have been enjoyable and insightful.

Donna Payne
Practice Director 

RMIT University 

The ARC networking event I attended was a sophisticated, enjoyable way to network and keep current of the latest products for our interior design industry.

Sam Falanga

Di Mase Architects

Wow! It's been almost 10 years since we have worked together! Arc Agency has been really helpful in arranging CPD, group presentations, and network events for our office. Since we are pretty much busy with work and often rely on the internet for information, we often forget about the CPD that we need to attend, and we have a whole bunch of suppliers available to help via Arc Agency. With monthly email reminders about the CPD event and group presentations, it helps us keep in touch with the suppliers. We look forward to working with you this year and in the years ahead too!

Niea Nadya
Project Designer

Push Projects 

Every time we connect with The Arc Agency we’re impressed by the calibre of the products and quick response times. If it’s a networking industry event, we get the added bonus of ride vouchers and great hospitality in awesome venues. It’s definitely one of our favourite matchmaking services!

Remo Dipetta

Jensen Young PL Architect

Arc events are a good opportunity to discover new products, whilst catching up with other architects. Always a great atmosphere.

Victor Young

Clarendon Homes

Arc networking events are always fun and educational. It’s not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.

Shakiba Chekeri
Senior Design Draftsperson

1:1 Architects

Every event that I have attended through the Arc Agency has been very worthwhile and entertaining.  It has been fantastic to start attending the events once again and allowing everyone to mingle and catch up with suppliers and bump into old colleagues who provided invaluable leads to future work. The events are beneficial in many ways and are a great excuse to get out on a weeknight!

Lucy Brylski
Project Leader 

Stephen Varady Associates 

The Arc Agency has become one of the best ways for architects and designers to access information about important and relevant new and existing products. The Arc Events are second to none and have become important networking events for the entire design industry.

Stephen Varady 

Nathalie Scipioni Architects 

Nathalie Scipioni Architects love what The Arc Agency is able to provide at each of their events. It is a great way to view a variety of samples at once in the same place and network with a range of different suppliers and other architects.

Lisa Loi 

Ultralinea Architecture

We always enjoy the Arc events. Each year we get to enjoy a new venue, and there’s always something new to inspire the next project. It’s a great way to socialise with colleagues new and past, and a chance to ask some very knowledgeable people, face to face about any new technical questions.

Paul Adkinson

B2 Architecture 

The Arc Agency runs a great program that is used by our practice as a resource and professional learning tool to ensure we are kept up to date with all the latest product information. Our team looks forward to each event, especially informative group presentations and lunches!

Brent Tullio

Katris & Associates 

The Arc Agency has provided informative and essential product updates and group presentations to our architectural business in recent years.

Leanne Whitney 

The Buchan Group

Access to the Arc Agency services helps to maintain industry knowledge of products and advances during our working life. Essential in a fast-moving building industry.

Evan Winkle
Senior Architect 

k20 Architecture

The Arc Agency are consistent in ensuring updates are relevant to our practice, provides a welcoming network that connects our team with suppliers, and accessibility to information on new and upcoming products in the industry.

Rebecca Jennings
Architectural Designer

James Cubitt Architects

The Arc Agency are our go-to partner for product updates and CPD presentations. They make keeping our team engaged and our product library current a breeze.

Sonya Butt
Associate Architect