2025 Venice Architecture Biennale: Intelligens. Natural. Artificial. Collective.

This year, Venice will play host to the 19th Architectural Biennale. Curated by architect and engineer, Carlo Ratti, the theme was recently introduced as ‘Intelligens. Natural. Artificial. Collective.’

The theme covers a lot of ground and suggests a multi-disciplinary approach to architecture will be at the forefront of the exhibition, Ratti explained ‘Architecture is at the centre, but not alone. It is part of an extended sphere that integrates art, engineering, biology, data science, social and political sciences, planetary systems sciences, and other disciplines - linking each and all of them to the materiality of urban space.”

The Biennale will focus deeply on the effect of the built environment on the climate crisis. What is the architect’s role as these issues accelerate? Can we offer serious and substantial solutions? What will it take for industry wide change and impact? 

In 2025, the exhibition will be founded on four important pillars: Transdisciplinary, Living Lab, Space for Ideas and Circularity Protocol.  

The Circularity Protocol is an interesting and overdue introduction. Exhibitions are typically temporary and usually very wasteful, so to learn that a ‘Circularity Manifesto’ would be developed for the exhibition was a relief, particularly for one with a strong focus on environmental solutions.

As always, we’re excited to see who will represent Australia and what they’ll come up with! Tag someone who you think would be a great Australian participant in 2025!