Building Code Reforms

Recently, it was announced that Federal, state and territory-building ministers have agreed on a series of reforms to the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC). This means that by the first of October 2023, new homes will need to meet new and upgraded standards on accessibility and energy efficiency. 

These updates to the NCC have been worked on in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Architects which has commented, “These practical improvements to Australia’s building code will support national efforts to reduce carbon emissions and build a stronger legacy for residents, communities and the environment.”

A key change, relating to the sustainability outcomes, is an upgrade of the minimum NaTHERS rating from 6 to 7 stars. An ever higher starting point for architects and developers to aim for when designing new homes. 

The accessibility reforms are much needed and important in the face of increasing population and ensuring that all Australians have equal access to homes that suit their needs. This includes not only those with disabilities but the elderly population too.

Have you reviewed the key changes to NCC, what do you think?