Bundanon Art Museum and Bridge

“The design is driven by Bundanon’s main imperative, as established by the Boyd family, to foster an appreciation for and understanding of landscape and art. We have placed the site’s ecology at the centre of the design with the new suite of buildings and landscapes responding to Bundanon as both the subject and site of Arthur Boyd’s work, seeking to heighten the visitor’s appreciation for the sights, sounds, textures, and ecological workings of the landscape.” – Kerstin Thompson

The recently completed Bundanon Art Museum and Bridge by Kerstin Thompson Architects is located on a 1100-hectare site, adjacent to the Shoalhaven River. Architecturally, it is reminiscent of Australia’s rural trestle flood bridges, a simple yet compelling structure that responds to the undulating landscape beneath it and allows for the natural ecology of the land to continue thriving.  

The architect understood the brief as an extension of Arthur Boyd’s art practice, putting the landscape and ecology of the site at the centre. The built form respects the landscape and celebrates a traditional Australian vernacular without compromising the natural features of the site.

With the gallery and accommodation now open, will you be visiting soon?