Climate Safe Rooms

Although Australia may not experience climatic extremes like other parts of the world, one thing is certain – it gets hot and can become very cold!

These moments of extreme temperatures can occur unexpectedly and linger, often posing a real threat to lower-income Australians, particularly the elderly, the very young, and those with illnesses. This is where Geelong Sustainability saw an opportunity to help.

The group has established a program called ‘Climate Safe Rooms’, involving insulating one room in a home to ensure the protection of vulnerable residents during extreme temperatures.

Australian, particularly Victorian, building stock is often ill-equipped for extreme heat and cold. While building codes are constantly improving and evolving, historical housing stock can leave residents very uncomfortable and potentially in danger during the ever-increasing temperature highs and lows that we experience.

So far, they have implemented this program in 16 homes, funded by the Victorian Government. This initiative involves the installation of insulation, blinds, and reverse-cycle air conditioning powered by solar, as well as more effectively sealing the room from the outdoors.

Innovative and impactful initiatives like this are exciting to see. Do you know of any others you'd like to share?