Fighting the War on (Construction) Waste

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, construction creates 16.8% of Australia’s total annual waste. This means, that the construction industry is producing the second largest amount of waste, sitting behind manufacturing.

With waste clearly being a significant sustainability challenge, Revival Projects, a local materials consultancy, has developed a trading platform for construction materials headed to landfills, attempting to tackle the industry's waste problem head-on.

The app is called Revival Cooperative and is free to download from the Revival Projects website. The platform is not a place where you can buy and sell construction materials on, rather it aims to establish a community of builders and tradespeople who want to fight the war on waste by listing their unused materials in the hope of giving them a new life - after all, one person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Not only does this help the planet by reducing strain on natural resources and the production of materials, but it also offers a mechanism for people in the building industry to form a cohesive community and start conversations about big sustainability questions. The types of questions that cannot be solved by one person, but need a group of motivated and like-minded individuals to make real change.

What strategies do you use to help reduce the waste impact of your projects?