Melbourne’s Cultural Beacon

Recently, the design of the seventh MPavilion was revealed. Designed by MAP Studio, the pavilion acts as a kaleidoscope of sorts, an ‘urban lighthouse’. 

The MPavilion project is organised by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation and is located within the Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne, across the road from the NGV International. Launching in 2014, the MPavilion has been a huge cultural success with pavilions being designed by renowned architects - Sean Godsell, OMA, Studio Mumbai and Glenn Murcutt to name a few. 

The purpose of the MPavilion is to provide a space for a diverse program of free cultural events to occur over the summer. At all times, the MPavilion is publicly accessible and a public space for relaxation and exploration. 

The MPavilion represents an important form of cultural institution, one that is free and truly public. 

It welcomes and invites anyone and everyone to experience it. 

It thrives on incidental interaction. 

Its diverse designs excite people and allow engagement with excellent contemporary architecture.  

MAP Studios MPavilion will launch towards the end of 2021. Judging by the images we’ve seen so far, it looks fun and playful. A little bit of joy to end a challenging year. 

Which MPavilion has been your favourite so far?