Revisiting the Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor

Overseas holidays are back! What better time than to revisit the 1996 classic, The Therme Vals by the iconic Peter Zumthor. Perhaps your next European destination!?

In the words of the architect; “Built over the only thermal springs in the Graubunden Canton in Switzerland, The Therme Vals is a hotel and spa in one which combines a complete sensory experience.”

The Therme Vals is set in amongst the Swiss Mountains in an extraordinary setting. The mountainous landscape and the building sit harmoniously, with the building adapting to the changing topography of the site.

The building is made from layers of locally sourced Valser Quarzite, giving it a beautiful textural quality and a sense of respect for the landscape surrounding it.

The planning of the building is highly curated by Zumthor, circulation is specific. It funnels, then releases you for maximum impact. As you bathe you are taken on a journey, with quiet moments interspersed with the wow factor. Architectural this translates into the negative and positive spaces of the volumes that are carved into the mountain.

Light, sound and touch are imperative to the overall sensory experience. Without one, your experience of the other is heightened.

Are you tempted to make a booking and experience it for yourself?