Sustainability Design Challenges - Zero Resource and Waste Free Offices

Two Australian design firms, Studio Edwards and Terroir, have both recently completed exciting new office projects, both with admirable sustainability outcomes to minimize the use of resources and waste.

Terrior committed to revitalizing a 1960s office in Hobart using no new resources except for updating the electrical cabling. The designers utilized the timber framing from the previous fitout, which they exposed and, in some cases, reconfigured to suit the updated needs of their client. Even the furniture and joinery were built using only materials reclaimed from the previous fitout. An impressive feat!

"By re-using everything, we had to be open to some wit and humour in some of the unconventional staging of work activities, with the peek holes and nooks and windows adding a layer that we would likely not have explored in a conventional fit out." - Scott Balmfort (Founding Director of Terroir)

Studio Edwards focused on a zero-waste strategy for the Today Design office in Melbourne. Their approach to achieving this goal was to use only recycled and off-the-shelf materials that have potential for future reuse.

"The goal was to create a workspace that leaves zero waste in its wake, constructed entirely from readily available materials without applied finishes, this means no plasterboard, no laminate and no MDF." - Ben Edwards (Co-Founder of Studio Edwards)

The result is a material palette that is striking and unique for an office context. It’s fun and incorporates unexpected materiality, like denim, that was destined for landfill and instead went on to be a key driver of the colour palette for the project.

Does your office ever set sustainability challenges for projects?