The Colours of Luis Barragán

One of Mexico’s greatest architects, Luis Barragán developed a new style of contemporary architecture for the country, one that moved towards modernism without leaving tradition behind.

A mastery of colour is synonymous with Barragán’s work. His deliberate and thoughtful selection of hues isn’t only about creating visually striking spaces; it was his language, a means of evoking emotions and shaping experiences. His vibrant use of colour, particularly the vivid pinks, blues, and yellows, wasn't arbitrary but deeply rooted in his understanding of culture, spirituality, and the essence of a place.

By harnessing the power of colour, Barragán breathed life into his projects, establishing a unique dialogue between the built environment and its inhabitants. His residential projects, such as the iconic Casa Luis Barragán and Casa Gilardi, are a testament to his ability to merge architectural form and colour.

Barragán’s architectural language extended into his appreciation for landscape and gardens. He routinely integrated greenery, water features, and carefully curated flora into his designs. Another way to intriduce colour to his projects. He choreographed light, shadow, and organic elements within these landscapes to enhance the well-being of visitors.

Barragán's uniquely Mexican legacy and design language is beloved by so many.

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