Architects Declare – Where are they now?

When Architects Declare launched in Australia in June 2019, hundreds of signatories rushed to pledge their allegiance to climate action within their architectural practice. 

At this point, beyond declaring the 11 key points of the movement, it was somewhat unclear as to what the pathway to action would be for the signatories. Over two years have passed since its launch and it feels like no better time to see where the movement is at now. 

 “Australian Architects Declare’s role is to empower architects to make a paradigm shift in behaviour and take responsibility for action in their own lives and practices.” Caroline Pidcock

Architects Declare has been providing the tools for practices to make their own informed decisions on how best they can positively impact the climate crisis and sustainability challenges. One key tool is the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) guide, which encourages practices to set up their own framework for engagement. 

The ‘A New Normal’ exhibition, which was launched as a part of Melbourne Design Week in March of this year proposed and exhibited 15 projects, by local practices, with the aim of transforming how we could treat our cities more sustainably. Projects looked predominately at what architecture’s role in the transformation of our energy systems might look like, think solar and waste to energy, as well as more broadly the effect of buildings on the environment.  

Encouraging practices to pledge to go carbon neutral, hosting events, and information sessions and becoming a signal for other building industry groups to get involved like Suppliers Declare and Builders Declare. The Architects Declare movement is making waves. 

If your practice is a signatory of Architects Declare, reach out or comment and tell us what your plan for action is?