Suppliers Declare

We have spoken a lot about the importance of Architect’s Declare and how it is a mechanism to hold architects and designers to account when it comes to sustainability. 

In late 2021, Suppliers Declare was launched, encouraging everyone working in the field of supply to commit to a series of sustainability goals to address the global climate emergency. 
As a founding signatory of Suppliers Declare, we need to spread awareness and share knowledge and the objectives of the movement. Some of these include:
- To minimise the wasteful use of resources
- To rethink the way, we select resources and manufacturer products - considering the environmental impact of our actions
- To highlight the need to be outcome-driven, not money-driven (creating greater accountability for sustainability amongst those in the industry)
- To shine a light on the importance of supporting a circular economy to keep jobs onshore and stimulate the economy
Ultimately the most important thing for suppliers is to realise the potential impact our recommendations and selections have on the built environment. Working closely with architects, builders, designers, and consultants, we can help provide a framework for a more sustainable future. 
Have you made your declaration yet?