Beautiful Waste

When it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle, how we manage waste is a major player for consideration. Not only do we need to consider where our waste goes, but what becomes of our waste too.

Never Too Small is a media company dedicated to small-footprint design and living, their latest interest is just this; waste. In a recent interview with Sindre Fosse Rosness and his team at Norwegian Trash by Elizabeth Price, she explores the many possibilities of waste.

“What is durable, malleable, and comes in every conceivable colour, pattern, and texture? Norwegian beach plastic, that’s what. This free, short-distance and sadly plentiful, resource became the ideal springboard for an innovative and beautiful collection of interior objects and the beginnings of design studio, Norwegian Trash.”

Norwegian Trash is just one example of a business, using a problem and turning it into an opportunity and a resource. It makes me wonder whether we could be doing more of this within the built environment, taking recycling to a new level whilst also exploring new aesthetic possibilities.

Do you have any favourite businesses that are turning trash into treasure?