Cross Laminated Timber

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is an alternative construction material that is helping make our buildings more sustainable.  CLT can be used structurally and can be exposed internally to create a warm, timber interior. 

According to the ‘Carbon Counts’ exhibition:
“CLT offers high strength and structural simplicity, as well as significantly smaller embodied carbon than concrete or steel. Other benefits include quicker installation, reduced waste, improved thermal performance and design versatility.”

CLT is a natural material that is farmed sustainably. Because of this process and the increased demand, supply can be a challenge that needs to be addressed when using CLT. 

At this stage, Europe is the key supplier of CLT, with New Zealand being Australia’s closest manufacturing plant. However, an Australian manufacturing plant is in the pipeline – an exciting step which will even further reduce the embodied energy of the material. 

As more and more CLT buildings are designed and built we are seeing regulations adjust slowly to keep up with this innovative material.  CLT has taken Europe by storm, and it looks like Australia is next. 

What are your thoughts or experiences with CLT? If you want to learn more, Wood Solutions is a great free support resource for designers.