Designing for Dignity

The most recent Architecture AU magazine is themed, Designing for Dignity. It’s an incredibly important topic to discuss openly and ponder on how we can all be more inclusive in our design practice.

As described by the editorial director, Katelin Butler; ’ Designing for dignity’ is about creating environments that enable people from all walks of life, whether or not they need assistance, to feel respected. It moves beyond what is known as “universal design principles” to recognize the complexity of human needs.”

Dignity is something that architects should have front-of-mind when designing all types of buildings, not only typologies that traditionally emphasise care; like hospitals or aged-care facilities.

This issue of Architecture AU has a focus on the role of housing, the place where everyone deserves to feel safe, comfortable and dignified, regardless of their life circumstance. The question posed is,  how can we make existing housing more inclusive? A pertinent thing to consider given the speed at which mass housing stock is being built around Australia.

Rory Hyde makes a thought-provoking statement within the issue: “Confusingly, good architecture is not the same as architecture that does good”

What do you think?