Ornamentation of the Future

A building’s façade tends to be one of the most talked about elements of its design. It’s easily understood by non-architects and designers. It’s obvious from the street. It makes its way into our daily lives and travel photos.

We have all experienced the ‘WOW’ factor, travelling through Europe and visiting some of the oldest and most lovingly restored buildings it has to offer. An example that most of us would be able to conjure an image of in our minds is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The overwhelming ornamentation is a sight like no other, every time you look at it you can find something new.

This kind of building and others similar, is in stark contrast to how architects must view façade design today. Within Australia particularly, your façade is your greatest tool to assist you in meeting sustainability targets and goals. Now, ornamentation takes the form of elegantly designed shading structures, with clever and interesting set out patterns.

Perhaps the idea of a shading structure isn’t quite as romantic as a baroque church in Italy, but it does pose a challenge for architects today and into the future.

How do you establish heritage and legacy value in projects whilst still hitting sustainability goals?