Anything but Plastic!

In our fight against the climate crisis, architects and designers are always looking for new educational tools to assist with their decision-making when designing buildings, and in this case, seeking out new and innovative materials. 

PlasticFree is a database of 100 plastic-free material alternatives, launched by the environmental charity, A Plastic Planet. The database was launched in January 2023 and includes content from design icons such as David Chipperfield and Thomas Heatherwick. 

The idea of the database is to minimize the use the plastic and single-use systems in the design world, by offering a series of more sustainable material options with similar properties. 

The database also provides access to 125 case studies, across 5 continents, providing multiple examples of how these materials can be used throughout different climatic conditions and applications globally. These case studies also spotlight practitioners doing inspiring projects with unexpected materials. 

With this database, A Plastic Planet hopes to "help designers and business leaders eradicate one trillion pieces of plastic waste from the global economy by 2025". An incredible achievement to aspire towards! 

Are there any tips or products your practice is already using as plastic alternatives?