Embracing Technology

According to ABC’s AlphaBeta dataset ‘Could a Robot Do My Job?’, the jobs of the architect are only 17% susceptible to automation. 

How can we take this intel, and use it, to better advocate for ourselves and the job we do? To make our lives easier and days shorter. To use the tools at our disposal. Let’s automate that 17%! 

Architects have a love-hate relationship with technology. There is a school of thought that the introduction of the computer destroyed the artistic value of our work, the skill of drawing. Adjacent to this is the recognition that the computer has infinitely expanded our creative potential, with design software that allows geometries and documentation to a level never possible before. 

Acceptance and implementation of technology are so important to the longevity of our profession. Not just BIM, but technologies that can help us work more efficiently and delete time-consuming, menial tasks.  

Just look at Frank Gehry, who created his own software, CATIA. Perfectly tailored to his architectural style and practice. Not only did this allow for him and his practice to create buildings that seemingly defied gravity, but now the software is sold across the design industry.

Architecture is a labour of love. It takes time and it comes with stresses and responsibilities. There is no denying that. Let’s help ourselves though. How can we embrace the always-evolving technology at our disposal?