Lights and Dinner

Living in Australia gives us the luxury of attending some incredible restaurants and cafes across the country. We all know that the ‘vibe’ of a place is just as important as the food that is served.

Whether it is the subdued and effortlessly chic feel of Huberts or the clean and clinical energy of Supernormal – the lighting really says it all! 

Not long ago, the Eat Drink Design Awards released their shortlist for 2022’s Best Bar Design and the lighting across all of the shortlisted projects certainly creates a lot of atmosphere.  

The Lobby Bar at the new Ace Hotel in Sydney by Flack Studio perfectly balances the street-level natural light, with soft spherical lights, setting the mood for after-dinner drinks. Music Room in Melbourne by Dion Hall embraces darkness with minimal lighting except for a statement ceiling of many coloured lights that move to the beat of the music. 

Contrary to both of these examples Arturo’s by Luchetti Krelle focuses on amplifying the abundant natural light of the Woolloomooloo wharf, through large glass windows and light-coloured finishes. Similarly, another Luchetti Krelle project, Leyla, uses the same principles to enhance the feeling the brightness. 

For each of the shortlisted projects, the way light is handled is paramount to the feeling visitors have when in the space. 

Don’t kill the mood with bad lighting!