Monash Robotics Lab by Studio Bright – Dulux Colour Awards Grand Prix Winner.

When you hear that a new robotics lab is being constructed at a local university, you immediately conjure an image of a heavily technology-focused and perhaps masculine-looking space. This is not the case with Studio Bright’s Monash Robotics Lab, a recent winner of the Dulux Colour Awards top prize. 

The use of curves and scalloped edges in the detailing creates a feeling of softness, and gentle edge conditions. The materials palette includes fine and perforated metals that feel light, curtains to divide spaces, concrete and hints of timber. It’s refined and well-detailed. 

Of course, a standout feature of the project is the use of colour. The palette is careful but joyful and importantly isn’t distracting or overbearing. The judges of the Dulux Colour Awards captured the essence of the project well…

“On a purely aesthetic level, the specified palette is refined and elegant, particularly the captivating play of vibrant shades with more subtle hues against natural materials. When considered within the context of a science laboratory on an educational campus, however, it becomes utterly striking for its unexpectedness. At this level, the architects’ intent is to be applauded, for it stares stereotypes in the face and demonstrates the value of originality.”

Is colour something you dare to design with?