Should Architecture Be More Than Just A Building? Part 01: Healthy Homes

In celebrating our upcoming theme, Hybrid, we want to look at how architecture can work harder to function as more than just a building.

We are obsessed with wellness. Can you blame us? After watching COVID tear through the world for the past two years there is no clearer time for us to understand how important our health is to us.

We change our diet, we wake up earlier, we exercise, we make major changes to our lifestyle in order to feel healthier…. So why don’t we question how our house can make us healthier too?

Whether your home is old or new, there are many ways that we could make it healthier for us to live in. After all, it’s likely that you spend a big portion of your day in your home.

In a report by The Secret Agent, Jodie Walker notes, “Buildings should serve not just the physical need of accommodation but also the social, psychological and physiological needs of the occupant”. This is something that is not nearly as pertinently addressed when we are designing.

Cramped spaces, natural light, natural ventilation, access to outdoor spaces, gardens, mould, dampness, air quality, water quality, water damage, toxic building materials; the list goes on.

When you are designing, do you consider the health of the future occupants?