Take Me to The Moon…

One of the stranger projects I have come across of late is the ‘Moon Resort’ proposal. As the name suggests, this project aims to build a spherical hotel (224 metres high!) that replicates the appearance and experience of being on the moon.

Designers, Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson note "It will be a fully integrated, contemporary, luxurious destination resort encompassing a unique signature attraction enabling guests to walk on the lunar surface while exploring an authentic lunar colony – space tourism for all!"

The 20-storey hotel component will be encased within the moon sphere and located within the lower half. The upper half is proposed as a realistic replication of a ‘lunar surface’ allowing guests and visitors the opportunity to walk on the moon and experience what a lunar colony might look like.

"This specific area will be utilized for guest visits and astronaut training," the designers continued. "The colony will feature multiple global corporations and space agencies showcasing their technology. It will also incorporate a university campus component."

This project is certainly kooky and is sure to attract space fans globally. In fact, the designers estimate it would attract 2.5 million visitors per year!

Would you be interested in booking a room on the Moon?