The Energy Show

Experimental research and cultural institute, Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, has opened a new exhibition that showcases the myriad of design possibilities the sun grants us.

The exhibition is called ‘The Energy Show – Sun, Solar and Human Power’ and aims to explore how the sun can help facilitate a post-fossil-fuel existence. 

The exhibition showcases the latest design experiments that harness solar energy, as well as helps to assist the public in imagining what this could look like. The exhibition touches on some history, before delving into contemporary and exciting new outcomes. 

Films, technology, photographs, objects, drawings – the Energy Show leaves no stone unturned in helping us to understand how many different elements of our everyday life could be adjusted to use solar power. 

One designer, Boudewijn Buitenhek, in their project titled ‘Living with the Sun’ even rented an apartment for a week without gas and electricity to see what life lived solely alongside the sun would be like today. 

Projects like this help us to realise the unrealised potential the sun has in our daily lives, as well as remind us how reliant we are on gas and electricity currently. 

In Australia, sunlight is so abundant – how can we use it more widely to assist in our efforts against the climate crisis?