“They tailored their services to support each of our campaign goals.”

“Some years ago, we were looking to raise awareness of our new DI-NOC Architectural Finishes range – a self-adhesive vinyl film that can conform to a variety of flat or curved surfaces to refresh walls, doors, panels, ceilings, furniture and virtually any other surface.

We needed to find a way to connect directly with top firms in the architectural industry, so we engaged The Arc Agency.

They took the time to understand our portfolio, vision and objectives. They tailored their services to support each of our campaign goals.

They connected us with interested architects and raised the profile of not only our DI-NOC Architectural Finishes, but also our Coloured and Print Films for Signage, Sun Control Building Window Films and our FASARA range of Decorative Glass Films.

The Arc Agency really connected with our vision. They helped us convey the value of 3M innovative products to architects and designers. This went beyond promoting trending designs to educating on the advantages of our technology, such as faster and more sustainable ways to renovate projects at a lower overall cost.

It is clear that The Arc Agency understands its market and is well-connected in the industry. They understand our needs while genuinely sharing knowledge and providing guidance.”

Services engaged by 3M: Market Research; The-Arc Exhibitions; Brand Awareness Campaigns; Group Presentations.