Dos and Don’ts: Building Trust and Brand Recognition with Architects and Designers

DO: Prioritize product quality to foster repeat specifications and positive word-of-mouth. Ensure your products offer a range of design choices to meet architects' design ambitions and evolving tastes.

DON'T: Underestimate the power of your website. Ensure it tells a compelling story that reflects the quality of your products, is user-friendly and design driven. Make sure your website is easily accessible and found on your marketing materials. You can even ask your clients for feedback on the success of your website.

DO: Conduct targeted market research to understand your customer base. Architects will appreciate you taking the time to learn more about them and their preferences. Conduct these surveys carefully and sparingly and be generous with your results.  

DON'T: Overlook the importance of reputation. If you're a newer company, focus on building a portfolio of completed projects. Consider undertaking post-occupancy surveys and testing of your products to use as hard data in convincing architects of the efficacy.

DO: Remember that aside from a high quality product, your biggest asset is your relationships. Foster genuine relationships with architects and recognize trust takes time to build.

DON'T: Ignore budget constraints. Respect clients' financial limits and strive to achieve the best outcome within those parameters. Creative solutions will benefit everyone, building trust and brand recognition.

DO: Plan fun events that don’t appear sales driven. If you’ve got a great showroom, invite architects to visit for a unique activities, host enjoyable parties that double as great networking opportunities for architects and other attendees.