Dos and Don’ts: Inspiring Architects and Designers to Use Your Product

DO: Stay updated on trends in colours, materials, and styles to demonstrate your understanding of designers' preferences. Making an effort to offer styles that are interesting and suit current trends will help inspire architects to use your product. Check out who won recent awards, were there any emerging themes you could tap into? Engage with your existing clients to gather intel into their favourite projects, this will offer valuable insight into aesthetic tastes and help tailor your approach.

DON'T: Neglect the power of interesting collaborations. Partnering with sustainability professionals, renowned designers, photographers, and artists can keep you ahead of trends and create excitement around your product.

DO: Push the boundaries of sustainability. Explore innovative end-of-life options, such as avoiding landfill, prioritize ethical sourcing of materials and production, incorporate recycled materials, support local manufacturing, and attain sustainability certifications where possible. A sustainable product is an inspiring one!

DON'T: Overlook the importance of providing architects and designers with comprehensive resources. Offer tools like fandecks or sample booklets, along with easily accessible technical information available on your website to streamline the specification process. Sometimes the only inspiration an architect needs is wandering into the samples room and seeing your product in a convenient spot!