The Geelong Arts Centre Opens!

Australia’s largest regional performing arts centre has opened in Geelong, Victoria!

Designed by ARM Architecture, this building is the third and final piece of the puzzle in Geelong’s Arts Centre Redevelopment. The latest building is in good company, sitting alongside the Playhouse Theatre by Studio 101 Architects and the Ryrie Street Facilities by Hassell. The three buildings work symbiotically while each maintaining a unique character and personality.

The architectural DNA is undeniably true of ARM. Strong colours, symbols and a collage of ideas are used to represent diverse narratives of performance and Country.

ARM’s Ian McDougall notes, “Performing arts centres are strongest when they speak of their place, their location. And that requires or demands engaging and continuing the story of Indigenous place – that was a very strong part of the process of designing and creating the building.”

When you continue to peel back the curtain that is the Little Malop Street facade, you reveal the stage that is the building's interior. Moments of significant indigenous stories are found scattered throughout the project and embedded into the design language, from the Moonah patterned carpet to multiple collaborations with indigenous artists.

There’s no denying this building and its interiors are a feast for the eyes, an opulent performance before the performance even begins.